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Looking for dinner ideas, look no further than UShop 1. An easy to use app with health food, vegetarian recipes and so much more. You can monitor your calorie intake with a healthy grocery list that is easy to use. All your friends and contacts can share in on these easy dinner ideas with delicious vegan recipes to try. A convenient shopping list at your fingertips. UShop 1 is the way to go.

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UShop 1 Features

  • Easy Installation

    Download free from the Google Play Store.

  • Individual Customization

    The ability to individually customize to your own needs.

  • Create & Share

    Create and share your own recipes and shopping lists with your contacts.

  • Interact & Communicate

    Send your personal contacts your favorite recipes.

  • Collect & Save

    Collect and save all your favorite recipes that you & your contacts have created.

  • Advert Free

    No invasive pop-up ads.

  • Healthy Eating

    Monitor your calorie intake.

  • Easy Sharing

    Share with friends directly from the app or via social media.

How It Works

Step - 1
Download App


Easily download the app from Google Play Store

Step - 2
Create Account

Social Login

Login using facebook, google plus, email or anonymous.

Step - 3
Create Your Profile

Create Your Profile

Go to Settings. Add your name, email address and phone number.

Step - 4
Ready to Work

Ready To Go

Enjoy sharing recipes and shopping lists. Need help click here.

A convenient and easy to use shopping list direct to your mobile, ensuring quick updates so you don’t forget anything. Ushop 1 allows you to add all your favorite recipes which you, your family and friends can now share. It's never been easier to add your ingredients straight from your recipe to your shopping list.

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Try it for free now

Ushop 1 will send you a delicious recipe daily so you can try it out, with the option to create and save your own recipes to your personalized category. Download the app and enjoy!

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Follow Picasso the cat to see how easy it is to create delicious recipes for the whole family. Download the Ushop 1 app today to stay in touch with Picasso for new updates.

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What Users
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Why can't I send or receive personal recipes and shopping list with my contacts?

You will only be able to send or receive personal recipes and shopping lists once you have created your profile. Prior to creating your profile the UShop1 app sees you as being anonymous. To create your profile click on the settings icon in the top right hand corner on the home page. The profile page will appear. Fill in your name, email address and mobile number. Press Save and you are good to go.

Why do I sometimes get taken out of the app when I press the backspace key?

You need to use the app's backspace key and not the phone's backspace key.

Where do I fine recipes that my contacts have sent me?

Click on the Recipe icon on the home page, go down to "Personal Categories" . Click on the fist category in the list called "Sent To Me" and that's were they will be.

How do I move a recipe that has been sent to me from a contact out of the Sent To Me category?

Firstly click on the desired recipe you have received and open it up. Select the edit icon in the top right hand corner. Click on the Category button and choose the category you want it to move the recipe to. Now click on the "Save Recipe" button right at the bottom of the page. If you can't see it keep scrolling down until it appears. You will now have successfully moved the recipe to your desired category.

Why am I unable to save my personally created recipes?

You can only successfully save a personal recipe once you have filled in all the required fields. ie, Category; Title; Recipe Image; Ingredients, Preparation; Recipe Info and Description.

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